Friday, August 19, 2011


The first week of August we headed down to San Diego for VACATION! I LOVE vacation! I know that sounds silly, because who doesn't, but I really LOVE LOVE LOVE vacation! I love the quality time with just the 4 of us. I love visiting family and friends. I love new adventures and watching my kids experience new things. No work. No one else's agenda. Just doing what we love...being together.

We went to Seaport Village on an absolutely beautiful day!

Brooke in front of the fountain. She kept asking me for "cossing coins" which apparently she thinks is what you call coins that you "toss" in the fountain.

Nana and Brayden

Brooke and daddy on the carousel

lunch time

me and the babies

We stayed at our friends, Nick and Katrina's house. Baby Nicanor and Brayden are less than 6 months apart and are destined to be BFF's.

Brayden was trying to play...


Mission Beach

We went on some rides at Belmont Park

Brooke just wanted to look at herself in the mirror the whole time

We thought all the kids rides would be fun for Brookie, but all she wanted to do was go on the rollercoaster. She wasn't tall enough...maybe next year Brookie girl.

We went to Luigi's and we each got a giant slice of pizza!

except for Brayden, of course, but he thought my piece was for him!

get it!

This was at Crown Point

my sweet girl

me and the boy!

We were able to do so much on our vacation, it is too much for one post. We went to a wedding, Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. I'll post those soon! (hopefully!) :)

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