Friday, July 15, 2011


Brooke started talking around 11-12 months (saying words like mama, dada, ball etc...). Then around 18-19 months, she went from saying words to complete sentences, in what seemed like, overnight. She says words and talks about topics that sound so funny coming from her cute little toddler self. I have been writing them down (and posting some favorites on facebook). My paper is full so it is now time for, what I'm sure will be the first of many, Brooke-ism posts.

me: Brooke, would you like water or milk?

B: I'll have water and milk.

me: no, you can't have both. Would you like water or milk?

B: water and milk.

me: Brooke, you have to choose one or the other

B: I'll have the other

While we were potty training she came in, while I was using the bathroom and said, "mommy, I'm so proud of you!"

B: Mommy, do you have some cash?

me: (after laughing) no Brooke

B: does Daddy have cash?

me: I don't know, what do you need cash for?

B: I need to ride Snoopy

-there are some little snoopy rides you pay a quarter to ride on and she loves them!

"I just don't get my life."

"Mommy, I'm so happy daddy married you!" -me too Brookie!

me: Brooke hop in the bath

B: I don't know how to hop

B: mom, can I have some fruit snacks?

me: sure babe.

B: I can count on you mom!

after drinking some cold water: "ahhh, this is so refreshing! Mom, what does refreshing mean?"

ANYTIME my hair is up: "mom, I don't like your hair like that." -opinionated much?

"I want to go to Chuck E Cheesus."

while in the car, "mom, what is going on with my finger? It is freaking me out!"

looking at a receipt, she shows it to me and says, "this is my education" -what???

"apples make my tummy happy"

holding a handful of change, "here daddy, I'm going to help pay for college."

B: That was my butt.

Tim: did you fart

B: yep

as she closed the door shutting Brayden in the room by himself, "Brayden just needs some alone time."

looking at the mud on her shoes, "mommy, what is this crap?"

me: Brooke would you like a nutrigrain bar?

B: is it squished?

me: just a little, do you want it?

B: thanks

while I was getting her dresses for gymnastics and she was just laying there as I dressed her, "mom, I'm essausted."

Brooke was watching a show and all of a sudden, from the other room, Tim and I hear, "awwww man! This is SO not my show"

after we put her to bed one night, she came out and said, "sleeping is not easy."

At church I picked Brooke up and started running to get back to the sanctuary to make sure I did not miss Tim preaching, Brooke says, "mom, you are making me nervous!"

"mom, I'm not happy about it." - I don't even remember why she said this...she is seriously so dramatic.

"I am Belle and you can be the Beast" - thanks.

Tim: Brooke, who do you love more, Mommy or Daddy?

Brooke: Makayla

-Makayla is Brooke's BFF. They are inseperable. (she is on the right)

B: I really want to get married

me: (after laughing) why Brooke?

B: because I really want to get some flowers

and my favorite:

"I don't eat things with a face" -she refused to eat chicken one night and steak the next, and said this to us both times. We told her she had to eat it...I might feel bad about this one later if she decides to be a vegetarian!

My funny girl!! She keeps us on our toes and we love her sooo much!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

10 months

This handsome boy is 10 months old!!

I just love everything about him!