Thursday, January 29, 2009

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The Rules:

1. Go to where you store your digital photos and open the 4th folder.

2. Post the 4th picture in that folder.

3. Explain the picture.

4. Tag 4 people.

This picture is of Tim and I during our engagement photo shoot with Natalie. We got to our favorite beach a little earlier than planned so we decided to take some pictures despite the blinding sun...hence the squinting...We didn't use the squinting pictures for anything but we had so much fun that day! I truly treasure the time we were engaged...but this picture...not so much.

I am tagging Bekah, Malorie, Grant&Emily, and Marcella

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas and more...

We had a great Christmas and New Years with a trip to So Cal thrown in. Brooke finally got to meet so many friends that have been waiting so long to see her. We had an amazing couple of weeks. We didn't get pictures with everyone, but here are a few.
Merry Christmas
Brooke's first Christmas
4 generations on Daddy's side
Nana Connie and Uncle Todd
4 generations on Mommy's side

Great Granparents and Grammy

We had dinner with Travis and Hayley and Brooke's future boyfriend!

We had dinner on New Years Day with Michelle and her BF Ryan...the world travelers