Monday, July 5, 2010

2 holidays in 1

Well, since I have been so behind on posting anything I decided to just do a big update that includes 2 holidays, and since yesterday was the 4th of July...let's start there.

We started out the day with church in the morning then we headed home for some much needed family time and rest. Tim barbequed trip tip and we all slept. That night we headed to Davis to watch fireworks with some friends. Brooke loved the fireworks and kept saying "more please" and "ooohhh". It was SOOO cute. By the time we were leaving the park she had learned a new word and would not stop saying "fi-woeks please". I just love her!

Next holiday: Father's Day

Tim flew home from San Diego Father's day afternoon, so Brooke and I picked him up and surprised him with a grill for Father's Day. We had such a great day bbqing and spending time together. I am so thankful for him and the amazing father that he is to Brooke. I can't wait to see him with our son in just a few short months. I am so blessed!

our little boy at 27 weeks (and Brooke saying cheese)

Some other fun things happening at the Brown household recently:

Brooke is talking up a storm...she says new words every day and makes me laugh. Some of my favorite things she says are "AWESOME!, oh no, where'd daddy/mommy go?, apple juice," and just this morning when I was singing Jesus loves me to her, she said "Jesus loves me!" So sweet!

This pregnancy: I am LOVING it! I am 30 weeks and feeling great...aside from the occassional glances in the mirror and realizing how big I am getting! I love feeling him move and watching little parts and trying to guess what they are! The Dr said our little boy is already measuring on the bigger side. I am really hoping that means he is going to come early and not that he is going to be a huge baby!

Name: we haven't decided on a name, but right now we really like Brayden James. We have liked the name Brayden for a long time, and James is Tim's middle name, and his dad's first name. We probably won't decide on his name for sure until we see him, like we did with Brooke.

Cravings: Spicy food!! I can't get enough of it! Specifically Thai food, but anything that has a good kick to it will work. I am also loving ice cream...not sure that I can blame that fully on the baby, but why not :) I still think I could eat a cheeseburger everyday and be very happy, but since I gained 45lbs with Brooke, I try to limit myself to just once or twice a week. I am also loving that it is summer because I can't get enough watermelon or strawberries! (Ok...seriously, I am so hungry right now) :)

That's probably more than anyone wanted to know, but there is the update!