Monday, August 22, 2011


So, for the second part of our vacation we headed up to Anaheim for Brooke and Brayden's first trip to Disneyland!! I honestly wasn't sure what to expect taking an almost 3 year old and almost 1 year old, but the kids were AMAZING!! This was such a great age to take them! Brooke loved EVERYTHING and Brayden loved just being outside and slept a lot, haha! We had originally planned to go down in September, for our birthday month (Brayden's is 9/9, mine is 9/22 and Brooke's is 9/23) but when we found out that Drew and Chelsea's wedding was the first week of August, we decided to move our trip up a month so we could go to the wedding too! We had already told Brooke we were going to Disneyland for her birthday, so everytime we said we were going she said, "ya, for my birthday". So even though it was a month early, we celebrated her birthday. Disneyland gives you pins if you are celebrating something, so they gave Brooke (and Brayden) "It's my birthday" pins and wrote their names on them. So when you wear a pin ANYONE that works at Disneyland says, "Happy Birthday". Brooke LOVED it!!! She got a ton of special attention! I have saved a special experience that we had for my next post, but I will give you a involves PRINCESSES!! :) We had such an amazing trip, and of course, took sooo many pictures!

Hugging her Mickey and Minnie on our way there!

Just a little excited!!

Waiting for the Parade!


Even people in the parade said Happy Birthday to her! She waved the entire time!

Brayden enjoyed the parade too...I think :)

She loved that the Princesses blew her kisses and waved to her :)

She loved the castle and I think we went through it and read the Sleeping Beauty story 5 times while we were there!

DUMBO (which Brooke calls Gumbo)!

One of the ladies that was working the ride took the individual pictures of us and was so sweet. We saw her again later that night when we were about to get in line for Alice and Wonderland. She recognized us and told us to follow her. She took us through the exit so we could walk right on to the ride and not wait in line! She said she wanted to do that for us because we just seemed like a sweet family and our kids were super cute! She saved us a 35 minute wait, which was AWESOME!

Buzz Lightyear ride!

Family Picture on Pirates with Brayden sleeping!

The Second Day: We bought Brooke a Belle dress before we left (that is her favorite Princess right now) so we let her wear it for our full day in the park.

The new Little Mermaid ride in California Adventure! SO cute!

Monster's Inc. ride!

Meeting Buzz and Woody! She loves the Pixar movies so it was so fun to watch her get to meet them. Brayden just stared at them, but didn't want to touch them, or get too close.

This little cutie turned 11 months old when we were there! He isn't in as many pictures as Brooke because he slept a lot, but this was one of my favorites. I love this sweet little face!

We played some games and won some prizes!

OUT!! She slept for over an hour like that!

Small World! Brayden sleeping again!

Brooke really like Small World and at one point she saw 2 girls by themselves and said, "Look mom, it's me and Makayla (her little bestie from home)" So cute!


Meeting Mickey!

Brooke kept asking to ride the roller coaster and the carousel the entire time we were there. She wasn't tall enough for either. Apparently the kid rides weren't enough of a thrill for her ;)

World of Color

The first night we watched Fantasmic and the Fireworks show in Disneyland and the second night we watch World of Color. Both shows were amazing! I think Brooke liked Fantasmic more because the characters come out.

It was such a wonderful trip and best of all, the kids were free! haha! Seriously though, even if the kids don't remember much, we have tons of pictures, obviously. It was such a great time for us as a family and Tim and I will remember it forever!

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